Coaching is a relational process that turns thinking into action. The client is the expert in this relationship and the coach’s role is to draw out of the client information, experiences, and truth. Coaching promotes discovery on the part of the client. The coach encourages the client while eliciting solutions and strategies that lead to intentional action. The end result of coaching is forward action.
In an executive coaching engagement, Delta Blvd works alongside our coaching clients to identify areas where they excel as well as key areas of growth. Special attention is given to those growth areas that are critical to the client’s future success in their current or aspired role. The intended outcome is personal transformation that produces the desired change. 



As a leader, ongoing personal and professional development is critical for the current and future success of your organization. Delta Blvd specializes in equipping both individuals and teams with the proper knowledge and resources for growing high performance leaders within an organization.
Delta Blvd designs and facilitates leadership workshops that focus on key areas of development. Some examples of workshops include:
•    Managing Organizational Change
•    Developing a Strategic Mindset
•    Leadership Competencies: What Do You Have? What Do You Need?
•    Emotional Intelligence: Why the Soft Skills Matter?
•    Strengths Based Leadership



Consulting is a process of identifying problems within an organization and working with the organization to develop plans that improve performance. The consultant brings a level of expertise to the consulting relationship and utilizes professional experience, industry trends, and client input to assist organizations in navigating the ever-changing challenges and opportunities they face. Delta Blvd assists leadership in developing a clear mission, vision, and strategic plan. We work together to identify challenges within an organization and to develop a plan and timeline for accomplishing their desired goals.