Looking Back and Looking Forward

Happy 2017! 

 The last of our holiday guests left yesterday so this morning I took time to linger over that second cup of coffee, reflect on 2016 and look forward to all 2017 holds.

You might enjoy the attached worksheets to guide your own 2017 journey. The first is a gratitude worksheet that provides a guide to pause and be thankful for the wisdom you gained and the gifts you received and gave in the past year. The second is a 2017 goals worksheet that provides a framework for looking forward. 

 Finally, I would encourage you to adopt a 'word or phrase' for the New Year. I've done this the past few years and it's amazing how focusing on a short phrase every day can keep you focused and grounded. This year's phrase for me is "Simple Joy". Past phrases have included "Intense Focus", "Be Still", "Listen and Learn" "Give Extravagantly" and "What If?". I'm confident if you spend some time seeking you will discover your phrase for 2017. 

 May you give and receive with abundance in 2017!

Janet Walls