You Have What You Need

Marathon season is in full swing. The Music City Marathon took place this past Saturday with more than 30,000 runners. I recall my first (half) marathon. Unlike most people I made a decision to run just two weeks before the race date. While all the training programs would discourage such a decision, I discovered that I had what I needed to compete.

I've been running since my junior year of college. One of the requirements for completing the class was to run a 12-minute mile. Any 20-year old should be able to complete this with ease but after my first attempt my face and thighs throbbed and my chest pounded. I decided that this was unacceptable and have been averaging 15-20 miles per week for the past thirty plus years.

So, back to the marathon. I've never really enjoyed the competitive side of running but my neighbor kept nudging me to run the half. Two weeks prior to race day, I ran 8 miles with relative ease and decided to register. You see I already had what I needed to compete. All I needed to do was lace up my shoes and run the race.

What skills, strengths, and abilities do you already possess that you just need to put into action? I hope you will do so and experience the thrill of accomplishing goals you didn't know you could achieve.

By the way, I did complete the half marathon accomplishing my goal of running the entire race (no walking) while enjoying the music and view all along the route. I ran my best time and had only two blisters as battle wounds. I look forward to hearing what race you will run. Remember, you may already have what you need!