Roundabout Confusion

Nashville has several roundabouts. Those circular drives intended to slow traffic as vehicles exit onto several intersecting roads. Nashville also has lots of drivers who do not know how to navigate a roundabout. Of course, some of the Nashville drivers attribute their distraction to the massive Music City Center or the gorgeous Musica sculpture!

Sometimes organizations suffer from roundabout confusion. Do you recognize any of these drivers?

Confused Carl doesn't know when to enter the roundabout and when to exit. His automobile jerks from stop to go to close my eyes and see if this works.

Spinning Sue somehow finds herself in the inside lane of the roundabout going round and round the circle with little success navigating to the outside exit lane. It appears that she is traveling in a vicious circle with no way out.

Wrong Exit Ed has good intentions when he enters the roundabout but somehow takes the wrong fork in the road. He finds himself heading south instead of north and wastes valuable time in his unplanned detour.

Timid Tammy politely waits at the entrance to the roundabout unsure of when and how she should enter. Meanwhile the line of cars behind her grows impatient with her indecision.

No-Yield Ned approaches the roundabout with break neck speed leaving a trail of dust behind. Ned feels that the roundabout is just one of many privileged territories where the rules of the road don't apply. He seeks his destination with reckless abandon with no remorse about the damage in his path.

And then there is Smooth Sandy who enters the roundabout gracefully, fully aware of her ultimate destination. She navigates the road with confidence and experience.

Do these drivers exist in your organization? How do we convert Confused Carl, Spinning Sue, Wrong Exit Ed, Timid Tammy, and No-Yield Ned to Smooth Sandy's?

The best way is to start with a strong leader who clearly communicates the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. Strong leaders will engage competent drivers to lead the various initiatives of the organization. These drivers will navigate the roundabout with ease when equipped with information, skill, talent, and confidence.