Of Cowboys and Ninja Turtles

Pumpkins, candy corn, and fall festivals lead to the big question. Who do you want to be for Halloween? I'm always reminded of a funny Halloween moment when my son was about five years old. We had talked for weeks about his choice of a costume. He LOVED dressing up as a cowboy. In fact, he loved everything about cowboys, the horse, the chaps, the cowboy hat, the gun and holster, and, of course, the cowboy boots. He dressed as a cowboy almost every day. He had been a cowboy the past two Halloweens but decided he would venture out as a five year old and be a Ninja Turtle.

As we prepared to go trick or treating that evening, my son walked into the kitchen decked out in his Ninja Turtle costume, looked up at me with a quivering chin as tears filled his eyes and said, "I don't want to be a Ninja Turtle, I just really want to be a cowboy!" I knelt down and said, "Well, of course a cowboy wants to be a cowboy." We quickly changed his costume, penciled in his moustache, donned his cowboy gear, and he was a happy cowboy for one more Halloween.

Yes, this story is a bit funny but there's a lot of truth in my son's words. You see, many of us go through life dressed up as some kind of Ninja Turtle that just doesn't seem to fit. And deep down we just really want to be a cowboy. Sometimes we may even want to scream or cry because we are so tired of trying to be something we are not.

So, this year as you're handing out candy to all those goblins, spend some time thinking about who you really want to be and then go bravely pursue your goals.