I remember….

I remember sitting in a board meeting with five men.  As we started the meeting we knew that one of the twin towers had been hit but we were hoping it was a private plane mishap. Halfway through our meeting, one of the men apologetically said, "I need to take this call, it's my wife and she's called five times." He excused himself from the room. When he reentered the room, his face was a bit pale as he reported, "the Pentagon has been hit, one of the towers has collapsed." This report confirmed all our fears that indeed this was a terrorist attack on America. We adjourned. Business just didn't seem important that day.

I remember the confused and somewhat frightened face of my daughter as we sat in the parking lot of her school that afternoon waiting for the school administrators to decide if her soccer team should travel out of town to their scheduled match. It was a short road trip and the team would return that evening. The decision was made to "play ball." As I looked into her eyes and sent her on her way, I drew on every ounce of my courage to reassure her that all is well.

I remember sitting in the bleachers watching my son's middle school football game that afternoon. Everyone was trying to put on their game face but the parents looked numb. The silence of the air space overhead was evident from the suspension of air travel that day. I don't recall who won the game.

I remember coming home and watching the news recap with my husband. Due to his schedule that day, he had not seen the actual footage of the plane hitting the second tower. As he stared in disbelief his knees buckled a bit and he looked as if someone had punched him in the gut. His reaction was both anger and deep sorrow.

I remember tucking my children into bed that evening, kneeling at their bedside as always and reminding them that we are a nation founded on freedom, reassuring them that God is sovereign, reminding them that we do not repay evil with evil, reassuring them that the enemy does not win…and praying that we all would continue to hold fast to these beliefs.

I remember.