I've been listening to patriotic music during my workout routine this week picking up the pace during Salute to the Armed Forces and fighting back tears during Willie’s version of America the Beautiful and this beautiful rendition of Battle Hymn of the Republic.

I'm feeling particularly grateful for the freedom to be a small business owner and do what I love.

I celebrate seven years in business this October! Each year has been its own extraordinary chapter with months that have been fruitful and months that have been a bit of a drought but God has been faithful in His provision all along the way. When my client list is small and cash flow is slim I experience fear and doubt. And when I'm working 12-hour days and still have proposals to write and papers to grade, I experience fatigue and frustration over the work-life balance thing.

Then I pause to remember why I'm doing what I do. My desire is to encourage, equip, and empower individuals and organizations to embrace change in order to become all they are created to be. And I'm grateful for this freedom.

So put on some patriotic music, map out your business model, draft a SMART goal, plan that trip you've been saying you will take, and embrace your freedom as an American. YOLO