Desire + Focus = Change

My life is filled with variety and sufficient challenge to satisfy my quest for knowledge. A typical week includes a satisfying balance of time nurturing my body, mind, and spirit by incorporating solitude, time with family and friends, physical exercise, and work. My professional life focuses on my consulting clients who I guide through change initiatives by helping them identify problems and develop solutions. I also enjoy mentoring and coaching executives and entrepreneurs to lead with strength and purpose, and serving as adjunct professor at a local university. My personal life includes satisfying and healthy family relationships, time with close friends, cultural and leisure travel, and a fun class or two.

The paragraph above is an excerpt from my Personal Vision Statement that was written April 21, 2010. The assignment was a component of the Human Dimensions of Business class in my Masters program. It was a tougher assignment than I anticipated. The words seemed to be more of an illusive dream, something I aspired to achieve but had doubts about the likelihood of moving the wish to reality.

Fast forward, almost four years and I am living every single word of those four sentences! Wow! How did that happen? You are so lucky. Nope! Luck has nothing to do with it. I had a deep desire for change combined with intentional focus (and a good executive coach).

I also had an incredible support system. My family cheered and supported me every step of the way, friends responded with "you will be so perfect at that" and colleagues applauded my strength and fortitude. Yes, there were a few naysayers in my path questioning why I would switch careers at this stage of life. But my desire for change and intentional focus navigated around the roadblocks.

Today I have a successful coaching and consulting practice, serve as an adjunct professor, helped develop a mentoring and coaching ministry at my church and spend time nurturing my body, mind, and spirit. Sound familiar? (See paragraph one.)

What aspects of your life do you have a deep desire to change? What benefits would be derived from closing the gap between your current reality and your personal vision? What would it look like to bring positive change to your professional and personal life?

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