Delta Blvd….the path to change

I am proud to announce my new company Delta Blvd. Delta Blvd is a company that will help its clients explore and navigate the journey and challenges of organizational and professional change.

So why Delta Blvd? Delta describes a quantitative change our clients will face, and Blvd symbolizes the wide pathway for moving in a strategic direction. Our goal for Delta Blvd  will be to serve as an active participant in guiding productive and effective change. The goal of our blog will be to provide you with information and insight for navigating the path to change.

Some of the topics we will discuss include organizational change resulting from a merger, acquisition, or new leadership. We also explore professional change that you experience as you transition and grow as a leader. This blog will share insights from others who have navigated change and we also share the latest research and trends regarding transformational organizational change in the business environment.

John Maxwell states, "Change is inevitable. Growth is optional." There's lots of change ahead and Delta Blvd is equipped to assist you and your organization in maximizing growth during change.